Accurate, secure, verified transactions.

Transactions verified and correct with certainty.

Data quality
at the highest level
by means of sanctions lists
from reputation crises
All account information

Comprehensive, rigorous control.

Fides has developed advanced tools to validate data, convert files and verify sanction lists. This ensures that account information such as balances, transaction data, and posting text from banking partners around the world is correct and verified. With comprehensive validation services, we ensure the highest data quality of all financial information. And with sanctions lists, we verify all transactions before they are submitted to banks, minimizing financial damage and reputational risk.


Your advantages with Fides validations and sanctions lists.

Correct transaction data

Fides has implemented rigorous controls to ensure that the format and content of all transactions are correct.

Effortless account reconciliation

Data validation ensures that bank balances are checked at the beginning and end of the day, and that bank statements and transaction data are correct and consistent.

Consistent reporting

Reliable data is the basis for consistent reporting across banks. Regardless of how you choose to access the Fides platform — via your enterprise resource planning system, treasury management system, or our Multibanking Suite — you get real-time information in an instant.

Regulatory compliance

Our validation tools and sanctions lists support you in complying with local and international regulations, such as OFAC screening. In addition, our solution offers extensive and integrated compliance management capabilities.
We integrate Fides with our ERP and TMS and they are a one-stop shop for us. We receive bank statements from Fides. We receive payment confirmations from Fides. We deliver payment instructions to Fides. By using Fides to aggregate, validate, and standardize our transaction data and communications, we have achieved a level of business continuity that is invaluable to our treasury operations.
Lawrence Hirsh, Assistant Treasurer, AES Corporation
More than 4,000 customers trust Fides Multibanking.

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