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SWIFT Service Bureau Connectivity

As a certified SWIFT Service Bureau, compliant with the latest SIP version, we can make your company’s messaging more efficient with a single solution. You get an enterprise-wide view of your transactions around payments, FX and other investment transactions. In addition, Fides manages your SWIFT access and ensures appropriate compliance.

Hybrid Service Bureau for unlimited connectivity

The Fides Hybrid Service Bureau provides the world’s largest global network. With connectivity to over 13,000 banks in over 200 countries, Fides enables communication through any channel, including SWIFT, EBICS, other networks or via direct connection such as APIs. This, in combination with our exclusive cross-network dual-BIC service option, closes any gaps in your banks’ SCORE readiness.

Your advantages with SWIFT Service and Hybrid Service Bureau.

Standardization of channels and messages

By using a single interface to Fides, you can reach all banks worldwide. We normalize your messages, ensuring end-to-end connectivity and processing.

Effortless scalability

Our extensive connectivity and scalability enables any company to expand into new countries and markets and add new banks to its portfolio — regardless of the banks' SCORE readiness.

Highest level of security

As a certified SWIFT Service Bureau, Fides meets the highest requirements in banking communications by applying consistent and reliable security protocols.

Substantial cost reduction

By outsourcing your connectivity needs to Fides, your overall costs are significantly reduced. The hybrid service bureau approach also enables far-reaching optimizations in messaging costs.
As we onboard more and more banks, having one connection to Fides and having Fides taking care of that connectivity for us gives us peace of mind that we will not face any issues with the banks.
EN Markus Unternährer, Leitung Group Treasury, Holcim
More than 4,000 customers trust Fides Multibanking.

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