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Consolidating transaction data can be so easy.

Managing multiple bank accounts and preparing transaction information from a wide variety of accounts with different security protocols can be enormously time-consuming. Not so with Fides Account Reporting. Our solution consolidates and normalizes account information such as balances, transactions and booking texts from your banking partners all over the world. With just a few clicks, you get complete transparency and a complete overview of your account information.

The advantages of Fides Account Reporting

Full transparency across all global transactions

Using a single platform for all banking communications gives you an overview of your global cash holdings at all times, maximizing forecasting accuracy.

Reduced operational risk

Transaction data is imported automatically. This eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry, helping you avoid errors and save valuable time.

Smooth account control

Comprehensive data validation functions and services ensure that opening and closing balances, bank statement formats and all other transaction data are correct and consistent.

Flexible authorization and variable reporting

Flexibly assign authorizations by user, group, bank, country, subsidiary and many other criteria. Extensive search, filter, sort, display and export functions provide you with the relevant data in the desired format, with just a few clicks.
With Fides, we get a complete picture of all of our cash globally. It sounds like a given, but unless you have a system like Fides, it is very challenging for a treasurer to know how much cash is available at any given point in time.
Christian Azzopardi, Group Treasurer and Commercial Finance Manager, Hästens
More than 4,000 customers trust Fides Multibanking.

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