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The challenges treasury faces

Treasury is facing some big challenges: The number of payment types and formats is constantly increasing, many systems offer too little integration and automation, and most cybercrime detection measures are insufficient. With Fides Payments, you can counter these problems confidently and effectively.

Fides Payments is a single platform through which your company can process all transactions, in any format, through any channel. Payments and transaction information of any type are validated and securely transmitted to your global banking partners via the optimal channel, meeting the requirements of all banking relationships.

Your advantages with our payment solution


Our payment solution supports you in complying with local and international regulations, such as OFAC screening. In addition, our solution offers extensive and integrated functionality for compliance management, rule-based audits, and profiling based on payment behavior and analytics.

Global reach

Fides can connect you with banks of any size, worldwide. Our globally unique hybrid model lets us integrate banks via SWIFT, EBICS, other networks or via direct connection such as APIs. This, in combination with our exclusive cross-network dual-BIC service option, closes any gaps in your banks' SCORE readiness.

Flexible authorization

Flexibly assign authorizations by users and groups, account groups, banks, countries, subsidiaries and other selections to automate processes and make them more efficient.

Workflow optimization

Validate, execute and monitor all transactions in a single workflow, reducing processes for greater efficiency.

As we onboard more and more banks, having one connection to Fides and having Fides taking care of that connectivity for us gives us peace of mind that we will not face any issues with the banks.
EN Markus Unternährer, Leitung Group Treasury, Holcim
More than 4,000 customers trust Fides Multibanking.

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