Fides - 1H 2020

Expanding Customer Base & Project Implementations

Fides Treasury Services Ltd., the global leader in multi-bank connectivity and communications, today announced that during the first half of 2020 it onboarded and extended a total of 97 implementations. This keeps the company on track to exceed its 2019 actuals, which reflect an 18 percent increase in sales and a 32 percent increase in new active projects.

Net-new customers added in the latter half of 2019 and first half of 2020 include Starwood Capital Group, Boston Consulting Group, and Drew Marine in the United States; ABB Switzerland, EasyJet, Breitling, RUAG, and Swisscard in Switzerland; and ICE Benelux in The Netherlands.

Client extensions within the past year include Smurfit Kappa, Greif, Cofco Resources SA, Payoneer Inc., American Equity Life Insurance, and Millicom International Cellular S.A. These organizations have expanded their relationships with Fides to add more banking partners and increase global banking coverage.

“Our goal is to simplify the lives of treasury and finance professionals, and I am very proud of the results we have seen this year,” said Fides Head of Client Relations Simon Kaufmann. “The trust placed in us by our community — as shown by all the new clients we have onboarded, along with existing clients choosing to extend their use of our flexible solutions — proves that we are on the right track.”

Fides will continue to focus efforts on product development to meet the current and future needs of its community. Within the past year, the company released a new and enhanced version of its Multibanking Suite, which allows customers to centralize their bank accounts and easily make payments to anywhere in the world through an intuitive SaaS interface. In the upcoming year, Fides plans to expand its ecosystem of client offerings through carefully curated complementary financial solutions from partners.

Continuous innovation is integral to Fides’ vision. The company recently hired a new head of product management, and two new board members were appointed to help drive technical innovation. In addition, internal departments were regrouped at the beginning of the year, bringing all departments even closer together to fulfill our commitment to ensure success along the customer journey.

On Sept. 15, Fides will host a virtual edition of the annual Fides Community Conference. The online event will feature updates on the company’s vision and roadmap for its award-winning multi-banking products and solutions and provide the latest market views from industry leading experts. Additional information, including an agenda and registration details, will soon be available on

Our goal is to simplify the lives of treasury and finance professionals, and I am very proud of the results we have seen this year
Simon Kaufmann Head of Client Relations

About Fides

Fides is the world leader in multibank connectivity, payments and transaction communications. A market leader for more than a century, Fides is committed to making financial operations as efficient, transparent and secure as possible for all organizations. More than 3,500 clients rely on Fides for efficient cash and liquidity management, through connectivity to more than 13,000 banks and comprehensive workflow, reporting, conversion, validation and security services. Whether you access via the secure Fides Multibanking Suite or leverage our seamless integration with third-party ERP, TMS and other backend systems, Fides is the only platform you need.

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