100% Connection

Connectivity at its best: integrate all internal systems and financial partners worldwide.

Limitless connectivity

Connected to the entire financial world through a single interface.

Fides connectivity eliminates limits from your treasury. Seamlessly connect your company with all your financial partners worldwide and with internal systems such as treasury management, enterprise resource planning, and more. Our automated connectivity delivers absolute transparency in your cash holdings as well as in all liquidity positions, enabling you to assess risks in an informed manner. And, you will enjoy the benefits of seamless processing and increased security.

Fides offers you countless possibilities for connecting to your financial partners. We have proven and established connections to over 13,000 banks worldwide in more than 200 countries. We support all channels, including SWIFT, EBICS, H2H and API interfaces. Our format library covers more than 300 global formats including SWIFT MT, ISO20022, ACH, EDI and many more.

With Fides, you have the flexibility you need to establish the ideal banking connectivity for your business — tailored to your unique requirements.

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Tailor-made solution

There is only one right connection: Your individual one.

Fides offers a unique, proven, end-to-end solution with managed connectivity. This allows us to connect you with your banks and then continuously monitor them and all new connections. With Fides, there is no need for additional systems or the involvement of third-party providers. You get everything from a single source.

Your benefits with Fides connectivity.

Connectivity to ERP and TMS systems

You benefit not only from the reach of our multibanking network, but also from our end-to-end processing services that enable seamless connectivity to any financial system — from treasury management to enterprise resource planning to other business systems.

Global reach

Fides can connect you with banks of any size, worldwide. Our globally unique hybrid model lets us integrate banks via SWIFT, EBICS, other networks or via direct connection such as APIs. This, in combination with our exclusive cross-network dual-BIC service option, closes any gaps in your banks' SCORE readiness.


Disaster recovery capabilities are fully embedded in our comprehensive solution. This means you get all connectivity disaster recovery services from a single source.

Regulatory compliance

Our connect solution helps you comply with local and international regulations such as OFAC screening. Take advantage of extensive and integrated capabilities for compliance management, rule-based audits, and profiling based on payment behavior and analytics.
We integrate Fides with our ERP and TMS and they are a one-stop shop for us. We receive bank statements from Fides. We receive payment confirmations from Fides. We deliver payment instructions to Fides. By using Fides to aggregate, validate, and standardize our transaction data and communications, we have achieved a level of business continuity that is invaluable to our treasury operations.
Lawrence Hirsh, Assistant Treasurer, AES Corporation
More than 4,000 customers trust Fides Multibanking.

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